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The island of Boracay, over the decades, has been one of the greatest contributors to Philippine economic stability. “A slice of paradise,” as some would describe. And a Boracay real estate for sale is a way to experience the island to its fullest.

Boracay is well-known for its energetic nightlife. High-end hotels and resorts could widely  be found all over the island, and so with different restaurants that serve most kinds of delicacies, local or international.
But have you ever wondered how the island got its reputation as one of the best beach destinations in the world?

Like all things in this world, the island has changed. How our grandparents enjoyed the beauty of the island is different from how the new generation of young people enjoys it today. Boracay Island, way back before the building of high-end establishments, was a peaceful and simple paradise. With lots of coconut trees along side of the shore, the island was calm, quiet and far from the busyness like that of the city.
But as it began being discovered, people were able to enjoy the serenity of the place. As time passed, individual sea goers turned into a group of tourists until city life gradually made its way into the peaceful island of Boracay.

Aside from today’s attractions like extreme adventure and partying by the beach, Boracay is also well-known for other great things that put the island on top of the travel destination list.

Puka Shells. These shells are only found on the beaches of Hawaii and Boracay. They have shells with holes that aren’t man-made. White and beige in color, the shells were popularly made into accessories. Puka shells are tiny parts of shells resulting from the ocean waves, sand grinding, and rock pounding under the sea. Selling accessories made from puka shells are one of the earliest livelihoods of the people of Boracay, which also made the island a unique travel getaway.

Paraw Sailing and Stand-up Paddling. Genuinely enough, Boracay is an island very close to nature and a perfect place to enjoy the peace of nature. During Paraw sailing and stand-up paddling, individuals are afforded an action-packed experience of sunsets and waves.

Beautiful Sunset. Boracay Island was a place where you can be alone and in peace. It used to be a place so simple and relaxing that you can just sit by the beach and watch the beautiful scene. Despite the massive crowds that flock to the island in present day, there are still places where one can be alone to get away from loud music and listen to calm crashing of the waves.

Life in Boracay is a taste of city life with a big helping of nature. Well, an innovation like a Boracay real estate for sale is a proof that it could also be a place to settle. Boracay may not be the same calm and quite place, but it’s still the same haven where anyone can unwind and have a dose of adventure.

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Famous for its world-class beaches and sceneries, Boracay has carved its name as one of the most visited tourists destination not just in the Philippines, but all around the world. It’s great and funny to hear foreigners, athletes, and even celebrities try their best native imitation of pronouncing “Boracay” on TV interviews   about the best part of Philippines that they’ve seen so far. And who will not fall in love with Boracay? Add in the white sand, excellent waves, and wonderful nightlife to the already existing unmatched hospitality of the Filipinos and tourists up for the best vacation of their life. And if these things are not enough for you to consider owning any Boracay residences that you will come across with, maybe these events will:

Labor Day 
The first of May is a different story in Boracay, in fact, it is way too different than how protestors do it in Metro Manila with their effigies and streamers trying to take over the already clogged roads of Mendiola for our labor rights. Each local Labor Day celebration seems to only get bigger and better than the last in Boracay. And with the birth of #Laboracay, Boracay has become the venue for the wildest and biggest beach party of the year.

The Holy Week 
The Lenten season is not just for devotees who want to celebrate their faith but it is also for people who want to take advantage of the holidays to get together with their family. And what is a better place for vacation to appreciate Christianity and bolster family ties than the scenic environment of Boracay? The usually busy and loud island calms down on Good Friday to give everyone a taste of the different side of Boracay.

Anyone who is up for tropical spookiness will definitely put Boracay on top of their list on the 31st of October. During Halloween, the place is packed with tourists and locals ready for some trick or treating. Bars are all spooked up with their own theme of Halloween.

Music Festival 
Boracay has been a home for reggae music and island sounds. Through the years, the shores of this terrific island have also opened for a new breed of music, housing not just bands, but also DJs that are ready to feed your hunger for the spicy summer beats. For several years now, Boracay has been hosting its own music festival to give everyone, not just something for their eyes to feast upon, but also for their ears to groove to and their feet to dance to.

Truly, there is enough to feed your desire for sand, sun, music, and relaxation all year round in Boracay. But if you are trying to avoid the tourist peak season or just down for some quiet vacation, but still want to have some of that Boracay nightlife, there is no need to worry because local bars at Boracay are always there for both exciting treats with the right kind of music and drink and that relaxing chill night. 

<![CDATA[Why Choose Boracay?]]>Thu, 05 Nov 2015 03:09:49 GMThttp://liveinboracay.weebly.com/blog/why-choose-boracayBoracay according to Wikipedia, is a small island located in the Philippines.  It is part of much larger western Visayas Region. The Island is covered by the Municipality of Malay in Aklan Province. The island is also known as the “Beach Capital of the Philippines” because of the rich white tropical and beach fronts that can be found in it. It is what they have called it, a summer paradise!

If you are planning to explore the Philippines, this place is one the must visit in your bucket list. There are so many reasons why you should choose Boracay, either for tourism or even permanent residency.
Did you know that there have been a great increase of visitors in Boracay? According to the NSCB’s Fact Sheet for the island, there is a 20.03 % increase in the numbers of tourist from 2009 up to 2010. Imagine how much more the increase in numbers of tourist on the island will be from 2010 to 2015?  

Here some of the top reasons on why those statistical data keep zooming up:

Wedding and Honeymoon

Wedding is one of the most important life event that every couple dreamed of. And Boracay is just a perfect location for a beach wedding. The place is so nice and the view is very beautiful. Many celebrities had their wedding at resorts in Boracay. A very good example is Jon Herrera and Patti Grandidge in May 2013. You can visit brideandbreakfast.ph to see the details of their wedding and other celebrities too.

Family Vacation

The island is perfect for all kinds of family vacation or even for your own relaxation. There are plenty of activities for you and your family to spend your vacation. Enjoy the most impressive viewpoint of the island at Mount Luho, the natural rock formations at Boracay Rock, the most photographed landmark in the island – Willy’s Rock, the beautiful live coral beds at the south part of the white beach, the must visit caves, forest and wooded area, the gateway arc, the Seashell Museum, and the Butterfly Garden. That’s a ton of activities to do for your loved ones. Let them have fun while exploring those great and one of a kind island landmarks and activities.

Summer Vacation

Aside from what those enumerated above, one of the best part of choosing Boracay is its white sand beaches! Summer is best spent in Boracay, for all the fun can be enjoyed, zip line, snorkeling, scuba diving, parasailing, banana boat, sun bathing, and many more! I saw this video from YouTube, a couple enjoying all those summer activities and fun vacation in the island.
Those were just some of the reasons why I want to buy my own house and lot for sale in Boracay, to start living there and enjoy all those activities all throughout the year. I also want my family to live in a summer paradise! 

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You feel the slight chill in the wind in the morning. Whenever you are at malls, cheery carols are filling in the airwaves. And anywhere you look, there are bibingka and puto-bungbong stalls. This could only mean one thing—Christmas break is coming!

Being the third largest Roman Catholic country, the Christmas break in the Philippines is more than just a season for taking a quick time off from school and work. Most of us take advantage of this season to get together with loved ones.  Luckily, our country is blessed with a lot of beautiful, interesting, and wonderful destination to visit and spend the holiday seasons at. But for those who would like to deviate from the typical Filipino way of celebrating the Christmas break, here are some interesting tips that can bring that merry to your family’s Christmas:


Get close to nature by doing this fun activity with your colleagues, friends, classmates, or officemates. This activity is just perfect for that high-spirited adventurous gang who are looking for a new experience. Mt. Manabu in Sto. Tomas, Batangas for example, is a good destination for starters because it’s only 760 meters above sea level and is very accessible from Manila. Trekking will give a new high to your Christmas break; it’ll be a way to start living healthy or losing some weight. And oh, you can get a cup of Kapeng Barako while you are at it.

Going to the Beach 

If you think that beaches are a no-no on a chilly weather, you are wrong. Boracay, aside from becoming a rising location to buy a house and lot for sale, offers more than just a place to bare your skin under the sun during Christmas break. You can go island-hopping, snorkeling, scuba diving, and raft-riding. You can even party during the night. So if you are the kind who would gladly spend your money to have a helluva good time with your loved ones, Boracay is the right place to go.

Watch the Metro Manila Film Festival 

Each year, the Metro Manila Film Festival offers a wide variety of movies for the family. This is an effort of the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority to promote Philippine movie. And each year is becoming better and better than the previous one. This year’s entries have already been revealed. There is a total of 8 entries, including one in which Yaya Dub will be making an appearance on, a suspense thriller from Ceasar Montano and Maria Ozawa, Hermano Puli’s life story, and another movie from Vice Ganda. Surely, this year’s Metro Manila Film Festival will be worth visiting the theaters and appreciate our own brand of a movie with the family.

These are just a few of the things that you can do to spend your Christmas vacation. If you are not interested with anything on this list, no need to worry, the Philippines is filled with fun activities where you can bring your loved ones with you if you just know where to look.